Without outside assistance and funding the WCBDC can't perform optimally. The existing partnerships are:
  • Casidra assists with funding for small businesses by means of bridging and term finance. Six small businesses were assisted by means of this finance offering.
  • Bigger businesses have also been contributing to small businesses as part of Enterprise Development in purchasing assets for smaller businesses. 10 Small businesses benefitted from this offering.
  • Tronox, Namakwa Sands, ArcelorMittal Saldanha Works, Sea Harvest, Duferco Steel Processing, PPC Saldanha, Transnet NPA in terms of the accreditation process they have agreed to contribute to the development of existing SMMEs as part of the SME Development- and Business Linkage Programme.

The WCBDC gratefully acknowledges the following project donors or sponsors:
  • Anglo American Chairman's Fund, PPC Saldanha, and AfriSam (Hydroponic Project)
  • First National Bank (Hydroponic and Incubation HUB)

Besides partners the WCBDC gratefully acknowledges the following programme donors:
  • W Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism
  • Tronox Namakwa Sands (Vredendal Branch)

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