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Marketing and Costing courses:
The following courses were facilitated by the WCBDC in February, targeting small, medium and micro existing businesses:

Marketing Course 22 February 2005
Costing Course 23 February 2005

The courses proved to be very successful as attendance totaled 25 learners, who all commented that they had learned a great deal and were eager to implement their newly acquired knowledge in their businesses.

Article written by: Karin Janse van Rensburg

Tender Information Session:
We are proud to say that Saldanha Steel facilitated a tender information session on the 23rd of February, following the costing and pricing course. SMMEs were given the opportunity to rub shoulders with the corporate giant’s vendor specialist Welmarie Coetzee, showing once again the commitment of our local corporate companies to the development of local SMMEs. 23 Persons attended the information session and walked away with newly gained insight of the tendering process. Here are some highlighted points:

Important points on completing and submitting a tender document.
  • Get hold of the tender document as soon as you know that a tender exists.
  • Make yourself aware of the important info in the tender - due date and site meeting.
  • Site meetings:
    • Attend the whole site meeting,
    • Be on time,
    • Wear the appropriate safety clothing.
    • Study the tender document beforehand in order to know what they are referring to in the meeting and so that you will be able to ask questions.
    • The SMME owner / employee who knows and understands the scope of work (who will know how to do the job) must attend the meeting in order to ask the right questions.
  • Submit the tender document to the address stipulated in the tender.
  • Submit the tender document on time.
  • Supply contact numbers (Tel, Fax and Cell) that is in working order and manned by yourself or some one who can take a reliable message (and answer the phone in a professional manner - not children!). Be aware of the environmental and safety requirements - this might have an impact on your pricing.
  • If a template contract is attached, be aware of the terms that you will agree on if you are successful with the tender. These terms might influence your pricing and the terms will probably not be negotiable after award of the tender/contract.
  • Take the work environment into consideration when working out work/shift hours (is it hot or confined, will a person be able to work normal hours under these circumstances? Is there a toilet available for your personnel etc).
  • What PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is required and how frequent will you need to issue new PPE.
  • Remember that a contract can be terminated if you do not perform. Do not rely on one contract only, spread your risk by delivering your service to more than one client.
  • Be mindful of unforeseen costs and try to plan as best as you can.
  • Lastly and most importantly: Don’t assume! If you are unsure about anything, ask the commercially or technically responsible person. Assumption is the mother of all mess-ups
Article by:Karin Janse van Rensburg

Important points on Requests for quotations & general marketing
  • If you received a request for quotation from the WCBDC or a corporate then respond, even if just to decline. Remember that it reflects poorly on you if you receive a RFQ and don’t respond.
  • Market yourself! Keep in contact with the correct buyers. If you are not able to get “a foot in the door” with a buyer, then make an appointment to market yourself to the procurement manager. Remember they don’t owe you anything, you have to convince them that you offer a better service/product than the competitor.
  • Don’t give up! Persistence normally pays off. Keep contacting the buyer/procurement manager to inform them of your services.
  • So you got the RFQ. After all that marketing you finally receive an RFQ! This might be a small job, but don’t be discouraged. If you do the small jobs well they might use you for bigger jobs / tenders in future. This is an excellent opportunity to build a track record with the corporate.
  • Remember that larger companies willing to do small jobs when the corporate needs them build a relationship of trust with the corporate.
Article written by Karin Janse van Rensburg

The following courses will be available to existing and new businesses. For more information or to place your booking contact Jeanine, alternatively contact the relevant person.

Article by Karin Janse van Rensburg

WCBDC Training Schedule 2005
Date Course Programme Cost per person Contact person Venue Who should attend?
5 to 8 HR SME Dev Programme Fee to be fixed Karin established business
11 to15 EDP Start-up R 50.00 Simozana Langebaan new business
18 to 22 MS Word & excel for business subscription & SME Dev Prog R 270.00 Karin Mil Academy
19 Tourism S2 Tourism Abigail Training room
09 to13 EDP Start-up R 50.00 Simozana
17 to18 Basic Bookkeeping subscription & SME Dev Prog Fee to be fixed Karin
23 tourism awareness Tourism Abigail
24 SARS subscription R 10.00 Karin Board room
1-3 Management SME Dev Programme Fee to be fixed Karin
06 -10 EDP Start-up R 50.00 Simozana Paternoster new business
7 Marketing SME Dev Programme Fee to be fixed Karin board room
9 Business plan SME Dev Programme Fee to be fixed Karin board room
10 Tender SME Dev Programme Fee to be fixed Karin board room
20 to21 Financial Management SME Dev Programme Fee to be fixed Karin
21 Tourism for beginner Tourism Abigail
27 Tourism S4 Tourism Abigail

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