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New faces have joined the Board of Directors of the WCBDC lately to replace others who have retired from the Board. They are:
  • Mr Hans Herrman of Hansing Engineering replaced Dr Flip Oberholzer, represening the Sakekamer on the Board of Directors; and
  • Ms Rosil Jager, representing the Saldanha Bay Municipality, replacing MrJoubert Skei.

    Article written by: Gert van Zyl

The Centre has a role to play to improve the employability of individuals within the area. A volunteer is someone who willingly and without receiving payment, does a specific task that needs doing for a non-profit organisation. Volunteers at the Centre will have the opportunity of gaining on the job experience which will enhance their future employability

Currently the WCBDC has no volunteers.

Article written by: Gert van Zyl

The WCBDC introduced its new Website in December 2004. It is a modern communication vehicle that will be used to advertise and market the services and brand of the WCBDC. The WCBDC realizes that, in our digital age, a web presence will assist in meeting their objectives and will add to the branding of the center, by utilizing the Web as an interactive communication tool. The objectives of the WCBDC, amongst others, are:
  • Enhancing economic growth and job-opportunities in the region.
  • Marketing the WCBDC as a potential partner in development projects.
  • Obtaining financial support to develop new projects.
  • Improving the WCBDC network communication.
  • Being part of the future.
We know that a joint online marketing approach with our supporting partners and SMMEs will increase business and business opportunities.

Experience our Website, exploit the services we offer and contact us the moment we might be of any help.

Article written by: Gert van Zyl

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