Q: I want to start u business, but I do not have a business idea. How can I get a business idea?
Q: I have a business idea, where do I begin /how do I start my business ?
Q: Where can I get capital for starting my business?
Q: What legal registrations do I need to start or to conduct my business?
Q: I am interested in a tender that has been advertised. How do I go about tendering?
Q: I want to employ a person in my business. What do I need to know?
Q: I want to be accredited, how do I go about it?
Q: What fees do you charge for your services?
Q: Do I need to become a member of the WCBDC in order to make use of the services?
Q: What advantages does the SME Development Programme have for my business?
Q: What do you offer the youth?
Q: What is the preferential points system?

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